Business Continuity Planning

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery in and around Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg - so your business can thrive

It's in your best self interest to have a reliable plan in place protecting your business data and systems, because who knows what could happen? With a dependable disaster recovery plan in place, you can stop worrying about what might happen.

With the protection of data backup, computer hard drive backup, and complete hardware and system recovery from DGR Systems, businesses like yours in Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg reap the benefits of total security.

With DGR Systems as your teammate in Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery, you can:

  • Calm your fears over the impact of man-made disasters and acts of God you cannot control - we deal with all your backup needs
  • Modernize your business - your data and systems are automated, always up-to-date and continually backed up
  • Improve risk management - with a security system in place to safeguard your customer data
  • Reduce the time needed to get back to business - if a natural or manmade disaster should strike, you will be up and running in no time
  • Safeguard more than just data - we safeguard your entire system, including data and email, for a full recovery, no matter what

In case of a disaster, Business Continuity Planning backup and recovery solutions are imperative to the survival of your business.

DGR Systems advances solutions for your business, bringing the very best in proactive technology and support. We serve your company's best interests by eliminating future threats with data backup, computer network maintenance, and computer hard drive backup solutions for businesses in and around Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Brandon, Largo and Sarasota.

Whether you need secure offsite data backup, virtual data recovery, remote backup service, managed disaster recovery services, virtual data recovery, file data recovery, hard drive & computer backup, online server, business continuity solutions, or offsite storage services, you can put your faith in us.

By remaining unprotected, your business could take a total loss in the face of a catastrophe. Don’t expose yourself to unnecessary risks that could ultimately destroy your business.