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Zero Trust

Embrace Zero Trust as the New Security Normal

Traditional security approaches that relied on perimeter network protection for company workloads are outdated in the modern work environment that relies heavily on cloud services and increased mobility for end users. These new challenges have broadened the attack surface beyond the capabilities of protection offered by traditional solutions. Combating these dynamic threats demands a new normal of Zero Trust across all networks, solutions, applications, and components.

A Zero Trust security model fundamentally modernizes the security framework to one that relies on real-time identity authorization for access to resources using the principle of least-privilege. This model greatly enhances the security posture of the organization to face both known and unknown threats.

DGR Systems focuses on bringing clarity to the overall approach of Zero Trust as well as the competence to implement targeted transformations along the journey.

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Zero Trust Solutions to Meet Your Organization’s Needs

  • Azure Active Directory
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Active Directory Federation
  • Azure B2B / B2C
  • Advanced Conditional Access
  • Privileged Identity Management
  • Identity Governance
  • Azure Key Vault
  • Microsoft Defender Suite
  • Microsoft Sentinel
  • Microsoft Information Protection
  • Microsoft Endpoint Management
  • Azure AD App Proxy
  • Azure Arc
  • Thales SafeNet Trusted Access
  • Thales CipherTrust Data Security Platform
  • Thales CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

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